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  • These guys deserve more than just rating them
    They put good effort into this
    I’m so glad my money could be recovered
    Thank you so much!!

  • Keep the good work flowing
    As long as I’m breathing I will continue to refer people who feel all hope is lost to you
    You guys are the best!!!!

  • When I was approached by NormanColony in December I thought it was another scam, but with all their messages and promises I decided to check their websites at first and I found so many testimonials saying they’re dependable
    Then I decided to give them a try because I have a lost btc of 1.25. I’m not talking months here but in a matter of hours I got my lost BTC back, they made me have faith back in bitcoin investment and I was thrilled by their excellent workmanship
    God will bless you guys!!!

  • Kudos to the Norman colony team for a great work and effort carried out to help reclaim stolen assets. I must say that I’m really grateful. To everyone who needs help to recover assets, Norman colony team is right there for you. Utmost integrity and honesty

  • My name is John and I want to say a big thank you to NormanColony for not only recovering my btc for also not disappointing me.

  • I am deeply grateful for the services provided by NormanColony. I never knew my lost btc could be recovered in minutes. Thank you so much!!!

  • My brother and I have been duped so many times making it difficult to actually trust NormanColony at first, but the little reasonable faith we had left paid off and all our btc were recovered almost immediately. Thank you NormanColony

  • No time wasted with you guys….they deliver as promised. I’m a proof of their awesome service..Thank you so much NormanColony

  • Why won’t a person or group of people be this polite and loyal
    I’m their number one fan and customer as from now
    I still can’t believe my btc was recovered
    Thanks a brunch NormanColony

  • Anyone that doesn’t give a 5 star rating to NormanColony doesn’t deserve a second chance
    So much love from my end to you guys!!!

  • When it comes to anything investment or money I don’t joke with it, but it saddens my heart to say I am a victim to BTC scam….my encounter with NormanColony was like a miracle. They delivered my btc back to me and also said if I refer them I will get interest and gifts from them, no doubt the reason for putting down my own comments
    I’m so grateful to NormanColony!!!

  • Not when all hope is lost. Thank you Jesus for bringing NormanColony to me at an early stage, how will I know how to go about recovering 5.7 btc..my name is Thomas but I don’t and will never doubt NormanColony
    All i want to say is thank you NormanColony and thank you God.

  • Not only did NormanColony acted professionally they also have nice and polite staffs
    Be rest assured it isn’t fake, I got every of my Btc back
    Love you guys

  • I would recommend only norman colony team for you if you have cases about lost assets and you’re willing to reclaim it as fast as you can and into good hands. Norman colony team got you

  • No scam or No doubt at NormanColony
    Trust and you will recover your lost item
    Disbelieve and wallow in your tears the more
    I say it’s time to shed sorrowful tears no more
    To NormanColony all I want to say is thank you, I really appreciate everything.

  • Total recovery and efficient service is all a man could ask for and NormanColony has not only provided this but also recovered my btc of 3.42 for me

  • I’ve had to do business with a recovery company before but they are not as professional and hardworking as NormanColony
    It gives me great joy that my btc which I thought was lost forever was recovered in less than a day
    I rate you guys the whole 5 star you deserve it
    To NormanColony I say thank you.

  • This is still unbelievable, OMG…..You guys have been at my doorstep all these while and I keep neglecting due to little faith. WOW, I still wonder how my btc could come back to me in full form
    This is extraordinary
    Thank you so much NormanColony
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Initially I was skeptical when I heard from NormanColony regarding unclaimed btc and recovery, but later realized it was legit. Thank you NormanColony once again!!!

  • The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step…I’m an attorney and I can richly boast that NormanColony is the right company for recovering any lost btc….Thumbs up

  • It was a breeze getting my btc back. I hardly had to do anything. THANK YOU NormanColony for all your time and efforts you put into getting my btc back

  • I didn’t really believe them at first but after much pestering and evidence I decided to give NormanColony a try, not only did they do as promised, I got my BTC back.
    Thank you so much guys
    Your reward will great

  • NormanColony recovered and changed my btc to cash….Thanks to you guys
    No doubt i wouldn’t be able to do this on my own

  • I had all my hopes down until I was introduced to NormanColony….it looked like a joke at first until I saw all my BTC being recovered back to me…You guys are doing a great job!!!

  • I appreciate the effort and time spent on behalf of my assets. These days it’s sometimes really hard to know who you’re to believe or trust. But i can assure you that if you’re looking forward to recovery of assets norman colony team is number 1

  • A 100% job well done. Just have little faith and you will see your reward…the people of NormanColony have my blessings and gratitude
    Thanks to them and blessed Virgin Mary.

  • My name is George and I’m 18 years of age… I’m a student of the university of Texas. I started btc investment to fend for me and my grandma as my parents are no more..it almost destroyed my heart when I lost my saved btc of 0.996 I cried for a week. I decided to post an helpline message stating my ordeal and predicament
    Then NormanColony approached me and told me all I have to do is just TRUST them….not only was my bitcoin recovered I collected a sum of $2000USD as to finish my education and help my grandma
    I’m shedding tears as I’m writing this comment
    You guys deserve more than just comments
    It’s a lot when someone does good
    Thank you with all my heart to the manager of NormanColony
    Thank you so much.

  • You deserve to enquire and benefit from the norman colony team if you have any complaints about lost funds.

  • With due respect and honesty, i give a big kudos to the Norman colony team for doing a great job to recover what my family has invested in bitcoin in recent years.

  • WOW
    My life is in great joy as my money is back
    I’m an indigene of Malaysia and I got my money of about 3000 Malaysian dollar back in less than a week
    Thank you to the entire team of NormanColony

  • Thanks for bringing me back on track, i almost went crazy until i was contacted by one of your customer services on how they usually help people reclaim lost funds. I had faith and let them help me. Alas! They reclaimed over 70% of what i lost. I’d recommend the norman colony team for anyone anyday.

  • Nobody does it like the norman colony team, fast action and recovery of assets. Thank you for saving me, God bless your team.

  • Norman colony gave me unending joy! I never believed there are companies like this that can help reclaim lost assets. You saved my life and sanity. Big ups to you

  • I found the normal colony site to enquire about funds recovery and they were just to amazing with their responses. They rendered great assistance and i can boast of their capabilities to anyone. Use norman colony team for funds recovery.

  • I doubted you guys at first because the money I lost in my btc investment was huge…but I followed you guys instructions and my btc of 4.76 was recovered in 4 hours
    Thank you so much NormanColony
    I’m gon start referring people to your company now
    You guys deserve more
    Thanks once again!!!

  • It’s time for a new era and change
    NormanColony is the team
    My money was refunded in a matter of days

  • Nice work
    My btc was refunded to me in one piece
    I can’t believe you guys really recovered my lost btc
    Thank you NormanColony.

  • My testimonial to whom it may concern is that I love the hardwork NormanColony put into recovering my btc of 3.19
    You guys are extraordinary sorry I was skeptical at first
    Thank you guys anyway.

  • Comments can do more or less
    You guys are absolutely LEGIT……I recovered my bitcoin back and the process was impressive
    NormanColony, you guys are the best!!!

  • This group of people were referred to me by my wife and I wasn’t disappointed in any way
    Both my btc and courage was restored
    Thank you a big guys.

  • You guys have done a great job!
    You deserve more than comment, that is why I’m applauding you guys and saying a big thank you for recovering my btc of 3.01 back!!!!

  • To NormanColony I say thanks for an Hans full job
    The manager treats people with so much respect
    Nice work guys!

  • It gives me great pleasure as how a company will respond to their customer in speed and decency
    NormanColony is the company for any lost btc, infact they deal in all types of crypto currencies
    More grease to your elbow guys!!

  • May God bless NormanColony for a suitable job well done. Legitimately is the key and all it took NormanColony was less than 2 days
    I got my btc back
    Thanks guys!!!!!

  • TWO THUMBS UP to NormanColony!!!!!
    Just follow their instructions you will get your lost item in a matter of hours.

  • Excellent work done by the Norman colony team. I recovered my funds just as they told me it will be. I will recommend the Norman colony team to anyone. I’m well pleased and the lord shall strengthen them

  • I Ruth Pierce commend the efforts of the Norman colony team for helping recover lost bitcoin. They are effective and honest. I highly recommend them to anyone.

  • Although my family objected, I ultimately prevailed in recovering in excess of 5.62 BTC. I’m delighted and wanted to express that Norman Colony Tech’s cooperation and assistance was thorough, timely and extremely helpful. You acted with integrity and kept my interest in mind throughout the process.

  • Dear Norman Colony Tech Team
    I wish to thank you for your efforts to recover 1.84 BTC that was stolen
    Your Service was efficient, dependable and executed in a timely and professional manner. Thank you

  • I would refer Norman Colony tech to anyone
    They recovered btc I had given up on and they were very expeditious once they informed me
    The staff is very polite

  • I am very pleased with the service Norman Colony tech provided. They did what they said they would do in a prompt and professional manner
    The process and total recovery was finished in a matter of days


  • Hi Norman. Thank you SO much. The amount recovered far exceeded my expectations for what we would recover.

  • I got it all back …. wow I doubted you guys never again. I recommend you to all who have suffered the same fate.

  • Wow! I got scammed through binary trading option and Norman Colony Tech recovered all my funds, not just that I got the ROI also. Thank you Norman Colony Tech.

  • It’s been the greatest pleasure patronising Norman Colony Tech…..My bitcin scam Case was handled professionally with experts who made it possibles
    Thanks guys.

  • Thanks for the great job and hard work. I am very impressed with the work you did in making this claim a reality. If I can act as a reference or help you directly in any way I would be glad to.

  • After falling victim to several fake recovery company I eventually got my lost funds back. I will forever be grateful to Norman Colony Tech

  • I recently completed a recovery project with the team at Norman Colony Tech, and they were a pleasure to work with. Our project was in flux in terms of schedules, but Norman Colony was able to work with me. I Would Highly Recommend Norman Colony Tech.

  • I greatly appreciate your talents and open, friendly, and candid communications all along the way.
    I would be happy to relate my excellent experience of our dealings with you to anyone that is interested. Thanks again.

  • My experience with All Asset Recovery was great. Unlike their competition, they had integrity – they showed up when promised and fulfilled commitments.

  • I just wanted to send a quick note saying thanks to NORMAN and his team for their amazing work yesterday. They are truly professionals in every sense and our new office looks great mainly thanks to their hard work.

  • My Sincere thanks and appreciation for your fine efforts, professionalism, truth and honesty in the handling of this project on my behalf. If at any time you are up this way I’d like very much to meet you and of course the same holds true for my visit to San Diego. I will be happy to refer friends who are in the same position.

  • I’m still in shock, I was able to recoup my lost funds worth of $80k. Thank you all and God bless you all at Norman Colony Tech

  • Never ever trust a forex broker you meet online. Thank you Norman Colony for recovering my $25K. I am so grateful.

  • Thank you for the update. As always, we are very proud to have you as a partner and we value the relationship built between our companies.

  • I sincerely appreciate the high level of service and support your organization provides. I so much appreciate your service in my recovery of 13.7 BTC. Thank you.

  • I lost over 4btc to fake investment company and for a fair service charge I got my lost funds back directly to me… Norman Colony is a great company.

  • Thank you for all your efforts in 2020. As a result of your commitment to providing superior corporate Bitcoin recovery expertise, we can all be proud of the significant progress we made together in 2020. It is evident by the recovery of lost bitcoin Norman Colony is currently pursuing on my behalf that 2020 will be another successful year in more recoveries. I am looking forward to our partnership, and I wish you and your team all the best! It has been a pleasure working with you and your team!
    David Schumer

  • Spoke to someone on the phone who asked a series of questions, and at the end informed me they wouldn’t be able to recover my money, this is very genuine that they don’t take on clients where they can’t get their money unlike other companies.

  • When I first received correspondence from Norman Colony Tech Team
    I was a little skeptical about the service and information they offered me
    But I am glad I followed through with the agreement and I was able to recover my stolen coins
    Norman Colony Technologies
    A Reliable and efficient Company

  • They quickly got me my BTC back
    They contacted several times to keep me informed of the entire process and when to expect my bitcoins
    They acted in a very professional manner and I will use them again and again if I have any future need of their services
    Thanks Norman Colony Tech

  • I lost a very significant amount of money to a dishonest and unethical Trading Company who were preying on my inexperience and naivety as it turns out . Norman Colony Tech guided me through the process of reclaiming my BTC from this company and through their help and guidance I managed to recover all of it back.

  • Very transparent efficient and professional
    easy to reach and communication was provided at each stage of the whole process of recovery

  • As the owner of a firm that specializes in locating missing persons, I’ve been contacted in the past by many “asset locator/heir finder” companies who repute to assist people to recover previously unknown assets. Many of these companies turned out to be less than upfront, both with my company and the people they supposedly assist. Norman Colony Tech. contacted us, I initially scoffed at the notion he differed from these other firms. I was wrong! We’ve now assisted Norman on many occasions and I have the utmost respect for how he conducts his business. He has repeatedly demonstrated a concern for our relationship and for those people he helps. His detailed, thorough and conscientious approach to business associates and clients is beneficial to all. I would not hesitate in recommending Norman Colony Tech as a business partner or for assistance in recovering your assets and Bitcoin.

    Best Regards,

    David Betz President Omni Trace Corp

  • please avoid rumors spread around about btc recovery is a myth and any company that says it can recover them
    These lies are told by the very scammers who got you in the first place. They don’t want you to recover your stolen funds.
    I gave this company a chance and I recovered all of my lost btc
    don’t allow scammers distract you.
    Recovery is real
    Try it Now and thank me later.

  • Loosing Bitcoin to scammers can be very annoying and a pain in the heart. After the loss of over $25,000 worth of bitcoin, I made my research and I was referred to Norman Colony Tech. It was a seamless approach as my bitcoin was recovered within 8 days, thank you very much for what you have done for me Norman Colony. I will forever be grateful.

    • thank you for trusting us and also for providing adequate information to assist your recovery. We both did well.

  • After falling victim of fake investment company, Norman Colony Tech helped me in recovering my lost funds. Thanks.

  • After several attempts and been defrauded, Norman Colony proved different. I so much want to thank you for the recovery.

  • What a way to start the month of April. 1.9 BTC recovered from investment scam. Thank you Norman Colony Tech. Please wash your hands regularly.

  • Even tho the world is face an epidemic (Corona Virus), Norman Colony was able to recover my 2.46 BTC. Thank you, i will forever be grateful.

  • Walking into your office changed my life for the best when I thought I had lost all. Thank you Norman Colony Tech.

  • After falling victim of fake investment company, Norman Colony helped me in recovering my lost funds. Thanks.

  • The recovery process began on the 7th of this month and I got all my lost funds back . Thank you very much Norman Colony Tech.

  • I am glad to write that all my stolen funds has been recovered and in my personal bitcoin wallet as I write. Thank you Norman Colony Tech.

  • What a way to start the weekend. I felt i lost it all but all thanks to Norman Colony for the recovery of 0.979 BTC

  • It was hard for me and my family when i go scammed by this so called broker I met on facebook. It was sad, i scammed by two fake recovery companies not until i met Norman Colony Tech. Thank you very much for helping me recover 2.89 BTC. Thank you very much.

  • I knew my bitcoin recovery case won’t be an easy task as i was scammed from Forex and Binary Option. Thank you for helping me recover 3.1BTC . 5 star I recommend.

  • The journey worths it all. Thank you very much for my bitcoin recovery even though the price of bitcoin was high when i lost it. Thank you, 4.21 BTC recovered.

  • What a way to start the new Month. I want to thank the whole Norman Colony Tech team for the recovery of my 2.7 BTC that lost to a scam forex website., I though i lost it all. Thank you very much.

  • Walking into your office is the best thing that has ever happened to my life. Thank you very much for the recovery of 3.2 BTC from stupid bitcoin mining scam. Thank you so much. I was recommended from Quora.

  • I toop a leap of faith on this recovery journey and it was all a success. 1.2 BTC recovered. Thank you Norman Colony Tech. I will pay your company a visit someday.

  • My advice, do not trust people you meet on social media and claim to be brokers. They are all scam. I was scammed over $46,700 for forex investment, i was was told pay for either tax or the other. I walked down to Norman Colony Tech to lodge my complaints first week of January, i have my funds recovered at the moment and it has been turned into cash. Thank you Norman Colony Tech. I so much appreciate you.

  • Thank you Norman Colony. I never believed there was anything like recovery of lost btc until I got my lost bitcoin back in my wallet.
    I’m really grateful.

  • I was a scam victim of 0.890 btc. Norman colony help me to recover it today. I just received a mail that my bitcoin wallet has credit. I checked my wallet, it’s real. Thank you very much.

  • To me, you did a great Job. From the day i walked into your office I knew you could recover my 11 BTC. Thank you very much, i have donated 1 BTC to Norman Colony Tech. Job well done

  • What a way to end the week. Thank you for putting this smile on my face. I lost $31k worth of bitcoin to alphainvestment.io last year November. Thank you so much for the recovery Norman. What a way to start the weekend

  • I thought bitcoin recovery wasn’t possible as websites online has scammed me 3 times. I gave Norman Colony Tech a change and they delivered my 2.80023 BTC. Thank you Norman Colony.

  • I was so glad i received my bitcoin in my wallet after been scammed 0.1980 BTC. Thank you for recovering all for me. Thank you norman colony.

  • What a way to start the new month. I was scammed by a fake forex broker. I was scammed $20,000 worth of bitcoin. Norman colony was able to recover $16,700 worth of bitcoin with its present value. Thank you Norman colony.

  • I had to shed tears of Joy after been scammed of $33,600 during forex scam two years ago, thank you for recovering my money and handing the scammers over to the local police.

  • I was scammed early 2019 by someone on social media who lured to forex trading, she said she was a certified broker and showed me evidences. To cut it short, she kept on asking for various fees so I can get my profit in my personal account. I sent almost $13,700. I reported to Norman Colony as they were highly recommended by a friend who works there. I am glad to say Norman Colony was able to recover $11,500. Thank you very much. Please do not invest in what you do not understand.

  • I was so confused how I paid for an iPhone 11 pro 512gb on a website on sales and I was scammed because I paid via bitcoin, I went to Norman Colony Tech office to lodge my complain in person. Thank you for recovering every penny. 5 star for you

  • It’s been the greatest pleasure patronising Norman Colony Tech…..My forex scam Case was handled professionally / legally by them
    Thanks guys

  • well all i can say is that Norman Colony Tech did a massive JOB,,,,,,,,Lots of Love from me to you ….Gonna send more people your way

  • Thank you very much Norman Colony Tech, I was scammed on Instagram on the 28 of December in buying a wrist watch at sales price of $1400 and it was claimed before delivery. I was told to pay via bitcoin.. Immediately the scammer confirmed the payment.. I was blocked. Norman Colony Recovered it with present bitcoin value which I even made profit from. lol . Thank you Norman Colony Tech.

  • I met this handsome man on facebook, we almost got into a love affair but I controlled myself, he later lured me into forex trading. He told me he’s a broker and he showed me trading signals and the platform to use. To cut the long story short, I took a mortgage of my house $190,590 for the forex investment and sent to him in bits as he requested via money gram and bitcoin and he kept on asking for different fees to access my total profit of $989,900 (which was a scam). I searched on google how to recover lost money from scam and I ran into Norman Colony Tech. Norman Colony Tech was able to recover $180,250 from the scammer. Thank you very much, I am telling the whole Newyork about Norman Colony Tech, I hope you know how it feels loosing a house you bought.

  • So these set of scammers keep telling me to pay certain fee for different things which I kept on paying until I realized i have paid up to $2,890 (for investment) in bitcoin all for a promised profit of $35,000. I waited and waited until I searched for Norman colony Tech online and I got my bitcoin recovered with it’s present value in American dollars. Thank you very much Norman Colony. You are the best.

  • Oh my God, I paid extra 10% to show my appreciation to Norman Colony Tech. All 3.2 BTC safe and sound in my personal wallet. I owe you people. Thank you

  • As I was told, bitcoin scam recovery is the easiest of all recoveries. Thank you for proving that to me after being scammed by 3 fake recovery companies.

  • Forex scam is real and forex scam recovery is real. To cut it all short. Thank you for recovering my lost money to forex scam. Thank you so much. All I paid was 10%.

  • So I’m going to drop a story here real quick
    I got into forex in 2018 but my progress was moving at the pace of a snail
    So unfortunately I got scammed by a Forex trading agent (apparently he was fake)
    I felt so bad because I had put in all my finances taken out mortgages so I could achieve a pipe dream of becoming a millionaire just like that….Guess when it’s too good to be true it’s not
    But this my notion changed when an ad by Norman colony popped and caught my attention
    I was initially scared to do this because I was scammed if I get scammed again ….my whole life would crumble so I took a leap of faith believing that these feelings that made me hesistant to the idea of recovery was as a result of PTSD of the first Scam attack…yes that’s what I call it
    Grateful to Norman Colony Tech….I got it all back
    Writing this down I’m teary that how was I so lucky to have turned my life around
    Thank Norman Colony❤️❤️❤️

  • The recovery process began on the 5th of the moment, I am glad to write that all my stolen funds has been recovered and in my personal bitcoin wallet as I write. Thank you very much Norman Colony Tech. 100% for you

  • Great Job lads…..My mates didn’t believe I was gonna get it all back……Norman Colony Tech delivered with top notch customer service

  • To be candid, I didn’t believe a company could recover lost money to forex scam.. Thank you for getting my funds recovered and also handing the scammers over to the police. Never under estimate the power of technology. Thank you Norman Colony Tech.

  • I started when i met a so called bitcoin broker on linkedln, he introduced to bizztrader. I was scammed 2.1 BTC after i paid 20% commission for my investment withdrawal over 6 times, stupid me right? Yeah i know, but i googled searched how to recover my lost bitcoin from scammers, i gave Norman colony the details of transactions requested of me and i made the 10% charge of lost amount, i got my funds back in my personal wallet 10 minutes ago, thank you Norman colony, 5 star.

  • Thanks Norman Colony…..Recovery sounded like a myth to me…. But everyone needs to know that this is the best payback for scammers

  • Thanks Norman Colony
    I’ve been scammed by fake experts online trying to recover what I’ve lost
    I tried you guys once and boom
    Got it back

  • Bitcoin scam is real but norman colony helped me recover my bitcoin worth of 1.09 BTC and i paid 10%. Isn’t that sweet. Thank you Norman colony

  • it was my retirement saving i sent to them for bitcoin investment, when i wanted to withdraw they kept on asking for more money. I ran into Norman Colony tech on bing search and my 1.5 BTC was recovered, thank you very much Norman Colony, my life savings would have gone just like that, thank you.

  • At first i thought and felt stolen or bitcoin can not be traceable and recoverable but Norman Colony Tech proved me wrong. Thank You very much

  • I felt like a fool when i was fooled that bitcoin could be doubled. I paid them, foolish me right? i know, i later accessed the bitcoin recovery service norman colony .. i got my bitcoin back after 3 weeks. every penny i mean. Thank you Norman colony.

  • I was scammed by icocryptogold.com of 1.2 BTC, i contacted norman colony tech, i followed instructions and showed evidence of transactions between me and the scammers.

    Thank you norman colony for recovering all my 1.2 BTC. Thank you very much.

  • I hit you guys up
    You did it under 24 hours
    Thanks Norman Colony
    I hope more people can trust you and be wowed in the process
    Thanks once more

  • Well all I have for Norman Colony is my sincere appreciation for restoring what was once lost
    Thanks so much
    I’ve dried up every teardrop
    Now I’m smiling

  • I met some so called bitcoin investors online .. Coin Growth. to cut it short, i got scammed and i contacted Norman colony, within weeks, i got all penny recovered. With just few exchange of emails.

  • I got it all back …..Norman Colony wow I doubted you guys
    never again
    I recommend you to all who have suffered the same fate

  • They kept me alive
    I was scammed of all I had on a Site
    Norman colony recovered all back to me for just 10%
    Thanks guys

  • I have had my over 2.5 btc stolen from my wallet through fraudulent websites but Norman Colony has recovered all that for me. Just had to follow your steps and voila I got it all back
    Thanks NormanColony the best in the business

  • 1.1 BTC has sent to my wallet by Norman Colony. It’s not even upto 3 weeks that i reported my issue and i got it resolved. Thank you so much Norman Colony Tech.

  • I have nothing much to say but thank you because i cant speak good english.you recover my 2.7 BTC. Thank you again

  • wow, i was scammed twice, 1. a fake investment website, 2, a fake recovery website and you recovered from the first and second scammer. You have a great team. Thank you, If you are reading this, i recommend norman colnoy

  • Norman Colony Tech, all i have to say is thank you. It wasn’t up to 3 weeks and you recovered the bitcoin i lost to scammers. Thank you very much

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